CO2LLATION™ Shrink Bundling Film

Accredo Asia: Co2llation Shrink Bundling Films

Providing a Renewably-Sourced Alternative to Conventional Printed Polyethylene Shrink Bundling

Shrink your carbon footprint with our the line of shrink bundling film solutions from Accredo Asia. Branded as CO2LLATION Shrink Bundle Film Solutions, our custom manufacturing process provides sustainably-produced polyethylene shrink bundle film product made primarily from renewably-sourced feedstock. The resulting PE film product meets 3rd-party certifications (ASTM 6866), utilizing renewably-sourced sugar cane ethanol.

Accredo Asia produces ASTM Certified Packaging

The Value Proposition

Brand owners and consumers have expressed a rapidly growing interest in custom designed, sustainable packaging options across all segments. Accredo Asia has innovated yet again. The market has a general and growing interest in ‘Sustainable Packaging Options.’ Using renewably-sourced resin from bio-based feedstock (as opposed to petroleum/fossil-based feedstock) reduces CO2 emissions and moves us to zero carbon or carbon neutral footprint – which has been cited as a means of reducing the impact of global warming and climate change.

Performance Benefits

The resulting CO2LLATION shrink bundling and collation films, produced from renewably-sourced sugar cane ethanol, offer comparable functional performance, properties and benefits of fossil-based feedstock. Our strong, clear films have well balanced shrink properties to produce a neat and attractive package with a consistent ‘bulls-eye’ for outstanding shelf impact and consumer-friendly handling. They are the perfect choice to showcase all kinds of products, including beverage bottles and cans, as well as food tubs and jars.

  • Processing: Drop-in replacement – Line speed not compromised.
  • Performance: Similar to petroleum/fossil-based feedstock.

Eco Benefits

Compared to shrink bundle film sourced from hydrocarbon-based polyethylene, our CO2LLATION Shrink Bundle Film solutions provide decisive competitive advantages:

  • Realization of a company’s sustainability goals
  • The same end-use convenience
  • Innovation and first mover
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Source reduction

To learn more about Accredo Asia CO2LLATIONSM customized shrink bundling film solutions, please call us at +84 94-455-9909.