Accredo Asia’s Sustainable Flexible Packaging Products

Custom Pre-Made Pouches

Accredo Asia is a leader in the production of sustainable stand-up pouch offerings. In addition to providing excellent barrier protection and durability, pre-made pouches require significantly less material and energy to produce, making them indispensable for marketers seeking a more sustainable packaging solution, regardless of the application.

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Accredo Asia Products: Stand-up Pouch

Accredo Asia Products: Paper Towel Wrap
Towel and Tissue Wrap

Accredo Asia’s custom engineered shrink bundling and collation films improve package performance for our customers who face a number of challenges. Our strong, clear films have well balanced shrink properties to produce a neat and attractive package for outstanding shelf presence and consumer-friendly handling. They are the perfect choice to showcase all kinds of products, including beverage bottles and cans, as well as food tubs, cans and jars.

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Accredo Asia’s offerings include custom manufacturing of breathable films to customer specifications for products such as diapers, feminine hygiene products, drapes and gowns for medical use, as well as industrial protective apparel and other applications. Our production lines incorporate the latest blown film extrusion technologies coupled with inline stretching [MDO] capabilities, and offer a down-gauging potential of around 25 percent over cast film extrusion, with equivalent or enhanced product performance. Branded ACCREDOFLEX BREATHE-LITE™, our breathable films provide lower weight per square meter, lower raw material usage, and improved mechanical properties over cast film extrusion.

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Accredo Asia Products: AccredoFlex BreatheLite Films

Accredo Asia Products: Water bottle bundling film
CO2LLATION™ Shrink Bundling Film

Accredo Asia custom manufactures and supplies sustainably-sourced CO₂LLATION™ packaging film for shrink overwrap of beverage bottles, a fast-growing segment in retail beverage packaging. CO₂LLATION™ sustainable packaging products and materials can also be used for shelf-ready displays of pre-packaged retail foods and markets where consumer products are merchandized. Custom-made to order, CO₂LLATION™ sustainably-sourced flexible packaging is manufactured to stringent specifications for commercial and industrial use.

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Accredo Asia produces a full range of printed and unprinted rollstock. Our state-of-the-art production facility can deliver standard or highly customized structures, ranging from traditional petroleum based resins to renewable, biodegradable and compostable eco-films. Our LEED® Silver status also translates into a significantly reduced carbon footprint with regard to production, with no sacrifice in performance or increase in cost.

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Accredo Asia Products: Printed and unprinted rollstock

Accredo Asia Products: Wicketed bags
Wicketed Bags

Our high-performance, fully automatic Lemo bag-making machines are designed to manufacture, count and accumulate a wide variety of wicketed bags. Product options include wicketed bags with flange zippers, ‘string’ zippers, punch ventilation holes of various sizes and location and simple in-line ink prints. We can also produce wicketed drawstring bags that cinches the top of the bag when pulled. Finished bags are automatically packed into cartons by robot.

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AccredoFlex® Biopolymer Films
Accredo Asia is a recognized leader in sustainable flexible packaging innovation. As a direct result of our turn-key production facility and integrated materials laboratory, we are capable of designing never-before-seen film structures from renewable and biodegradable components with barrier performance matching those of conventional films.

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Accredo Asia Products: Biopolymer films