Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Accredo Asia Plant in Vietnam

Accredo Asia is the first flexible packaging manufacturing facility in Asia granted LEED® Silver certification by the US Green Building Council

Our designation as a LEED® Silver manufacturing facility is a major milestone in our commitment to delivering sustainable packaging solutions. In order to achieve this notable certification, our executive team made a long-term investment of time and resources to design, build and operate a facility according to stringent environmental requirements…from optimizing the procurement of materials to energy usage and waste management.

As a result, everything we produce has a greatly reduced carbon footprint, even when manufactured to the same specifications as at conventional plants. We are currently expanding our production capacity, with construction on a second site.

Accredo Asia's LEED® Silver Certificate

Here are just a few of the ways in which we have integrated sustainability into every aspect of Accredo Asia’s business model.

As one of our core values, sustainability is critical in the products we create, our worker safety initiatives and our environmental policies.

The Accredo Asia Difference…

  • Up to 95% ink waste reduction
  • State of the art equipment:
    • Our extruders are capable of producing the thinnest, high-performance films and barriers
    • Efficiency and versatility — capability of handling both petroleum-based resins and certified biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable eco-resins
    • Our pre-press department offers waste reduction resources such as digital plate-making and automated plate-mounting (enhancing color accuracy and registration)
    • Expanded color gamut printing process eliminates all ink changes and results in up to 35% less ink and solvent usage
    • Optimum in-class efficiencies across the board
  • Treatment of all chemicals/byproducts
  • Reduced waste stream
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Regionally produced building materials
  • Reused or refurbished building materials
  • Pollution prevention during construction


What is LEED®?

LEED® stands for “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design” and is the most widely adopted “green” building program in the U.S. It provides a third-party certification program that is the nationally-accepted benchmark for assessing building performance, and emphasizes water savings, energy efficiency, material selection and indoor environmental quality. LEED® promotes a whole building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in key areas of human and environmental health.

The core purpose of the U.S. Green Building Council is to encourage environmental awareness amongst architects, engineers, developers and builders to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built, managed and maintained in an ecological and resource-efficient manner. LEED® certification is recognition that a construction project or building has been designed to meet specific objectives such as protecting occupant health; improving employee productivity; using energy, water, and other resources more efficiently; and thus, reducing the overall impact to the environment.

Accredo Asia and LEED Certification Levels
Accredo Asia set an unprecedented benchmark for the packaging industry by being the first high-output flexible converting manufacturer to attain LEED® Silver certification.

There are four different levels on which LEED® certification can be attained — Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum — and they are determined by a credit (or point) system. As a high-output production facility (as opposed to a school, hospital, apartment complex, stadium, etc.), Accredo Asia’s LEED® Silver certification is a critical aspect of our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

There is also a customer driven aspect to pursuing LEED® certification. Many of our customers are themselves leaders in their own environmental initiatives. For the most part, communities and industry are beginning to turn the corner on the realization of the planet’s limited finite resources. Enough reasons for change are becoming more evident. At Accredo Asia, we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment and helping reduce not only our impact on the planet, but helping our customers to understand what we can do together to reduce the impact.