Take Your Brand Beyond the Limits of Conventional Printing

Accredo Asia offers expanded gamut printing

Your Brand Colors, Every Single Time

Accredo Asia utilizes expanded color gamut process printing — no ‘line’ or ‘spot’ colors are used. Our proprietary, enhanced, expanded gamut printing has a capability of reproducing near-infinite color shades. We primarily use a combination of CMYK for imagery plus our comprehensive, custom-made process color portfolio, providing the Creative Designers and Brand Team with the very latest technologies and know-how to bring ‘POP’ to your Brand image.

Accredo Asia blends Color science and branding art

Introducing the Accredo Color Management SystemSM

Flexo technique and capability has evolved over the past fifty years. Improved inks, plates, anilox rolls, presses, prepress applications and separations have enabled converters to move from the traditional limitation of ‘spot’ colors, to a more expanded, advanced, computerized screen and process printing technique using CMYK. Accredo Asia has taken CMYK to the next step, all but eliminating ‘spot’ color limitations.

Accredo has quickly become recognized as one of THE leading flexible packaging expanded color gamut printers globally. Our 7-color expanded gamut printing solution adds colors beyond CMYK to the process ink-set, to improve the ability to render ‘spots’, using only process colors. Our system allows for the enhancement of the color brilliance of the image itself, adding further value to our client’s custom packaging solutions.

Accredo Asia's W&H Vistaflex CL Press

General perception is that traditional ‘expanded gamut’ can be used to make reds redder, and greens greener, which is a fact. But our system offers much more. With our proprietary expanded gamut printing solution, we can address key needs for the primary stakeholders in addressing your packaging needs: your Brand Team and Accredo Asia.

Increasingly, brands want more colorful packages. This adds cost to every design and drains printer productivity. Many brands have a specification for ‘spot’ colors. That locks some ‘spot’ colors into the press, because the most accurate way to render ‘spot’ colors is with a dedicated ink, where you can use a very broad range of pigments and lighten colors with extenders and white additives. This isn’t the case at Accredo Asia.

Our customers have a lot in common with us, although through a slightly different perspective. Not only do we both want the product done as specified and in a timely fashion, we want it done with the flexibility of delivering new product imagery to the shelf faster so as to enhance customer appeal, all the while in a environmentally conscious, yet relatively economical fashion.

What does this mean to you? For those customers requiring the same inks for every design printed, our system significantly reduces, and may even eliminate, make-ready time. Our ability to eliminate ‘spot’ colors can allow a single production line to print two or more items simultaneously, which may eliminate one or more make-readies altogether, so as to increase production efficiencies while enhancing your bottom line.

We believe that waste reduction and increased productivity go hand-in-hand with a more sustainable production solution. In summary, our expanded gamut system offers color capabilities, flexibilities, and range far exceeding those found in traditional CMYK and ‘line’ colors, with the capability of greatly reducing waste and the inherent costs associated therewith. Here at Accredo Asia, we are no longer limited to the number of printing decks; we are limited only by the imagination of our customers, and their branding team, to bring to realization their vision on a scale never before available.