About Accredo Asia

Accredo Asia Revolutionized Sustainable Flexible Packaging from Day One

Today everyone is looking to “go green,” but it often means paying more for packaging which does not reach the desired performance criteria. At Accredo Asia, we believe that, with the right combination of equipment, people, and innovative practices, “going green” can be achieved even with the most challenging applications, without necessarily costing more.

We achieve state of the art, yet environmentally responsible flexible packaging conversions by combining the best people in the industry with the latest available technologies. Our commitment to responsibly produce the best in flexible packaging begins with our state of the art, 22,000 m2 LEED® Silver manufacturing facility. Our work environment encourages innovation and the use of best practices to solve the most demanding flexible packaging requirements. We trust you will find our quality, service, and performance second to none. Put your faith in Accredo Asia Packaging to responsibly solve your packaging needs…because We Believe.

Accredo \ə krē’ dō’\ v: … believe; put faith in, trust

We Believe…

  • Sustainability – We pursue sustainable processes when it comes to the production of our products
  • Recycling – A key component of the Accredo Packaging waste management program
  • Conservation of Energy – The reduction of non-renewable energy consumption
  • Water Conservation – Managing the use of water used in production to protect the environment
  • Environmental Ethics – We have eliminated harmful emissions which react in the atmosphere to produce acidification, and we have processes in place that protect our ecosystem and guard against pollution of ground water
  • Human Health – Providing a safe, non toxic environment in which our employees and neighbors can thrive and flourish